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Our mission, at Braidstorms, is to provide a friendly, personalized service through a team of highly skilled and creative professionals. We believe that our clients deserve to be treated like a royalty. We do so by ensuring a positive and memorable experience through a unique and welcoming atmosphere using the most advanced hair styling techniques to maximize results while assuring our client’s get a natural and protective braids style.

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I have been a customer of Braidstorms for over a year and I would definitely recommend her business. She is professional, flexible, and attentive to the needs of her customers. There are times when I need an appointment at the last minute, and she is always very accommodating. As I stated before, I would definitely recommend her business, and she’s super friendly. Lesly

Lulu hands are amazing. I am tender headed but I always do not feel any pain whenever she braids my hair and my braids always last for about 8 weeks. Thank you, Lulu, you are the best. Veronica

I live in Fredericksburg, but I always get my hair done in Manassas at Braidstorms braids. I have been their client for over a year now, and I am always satisfied with the service. They are very friendly, professional, and talented. Patricia


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